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Zeroplus LAP-C (322000)

Logic & Protocol Analyzer, 32ch @2MBit, 100Hz-200MHz, USB Power

Logic & Protocol Analyzer, 32 ch @2MBit, 100Hz-200MHz, USB Power

The Zeroplus LAP-C (322000) PC-based logic analyzer features powerful protocol analyzer capabilities. The standard package includes ALL available protocol analyzer plug-ins (More than 75 available, eg. I2C, UART, SPI, 1-Wire, HDQ, CAN, IIS, PS/2, LIN, Microwire, SSI, Manchester, Miller, PCI, USB 1.1 and much more). For a more complete list of all the Protocol Decoder plugins, please check this List

The Zeroplus patented waveform compression technology increases the effective sample memory capacity far beyond the physical 64Mbit. 24 channels of the LAP-C (322000) can achieve a compression rate up to 256, depending on the data content, allowing you to obtain considerably more sampling data.

The logic analyzer connects to a PC via USB. It supports the full 480Mbps USB 2.0 speed, but also can use 12Mbps USB 1.1. The analyzer is powered directly from the USB.


  • Model Type : PC Based Logic Analyzer
  • Operating systems : Microsoft Windows (2000/XP/Vista/Vista64/Win7-32/Win7-64)
  • Interface : USB2.0 (1.1)
  • Power : USB
  • Power Dissipation (running) : max. 2W
  • Sample rate : Internal clock (Timing Mode) 100Hz - 200MHz
  • Sample rate : External clock (State Mode) 100MHz
  • Bandwidth : 75MHz
  • Total Memory : 64MBit
  • Memory depth (32 channels) : 2MBit
  • Memory depth (16 Channels) : 4MBit
  • Memory depth with compression enabled (24 Channels) : up to 512MBit (best case)
  • Trigger Condition : Pattern / Edge
  • Trigger Channels : 32 channels
  • Pre/Post trigger
  • Binary/Decimal/Hex display formats provided
  • Flexible signal trigger options (rising edge, falling edge, either edge, high and low)
  • Threshold Voltages : Working range -6V~+6V
  • Threshold Voltages : Accurate rate -/+ 0.1V
  • Maximum input voltage : +/- 30V
  • Impedance : 500kOhms/10pF
  • Data Skew <1.5ns
  • Dimensions: 130 x 100 x 30mm
  • All available protocol decoder plugins of your choice for free

Logic & Protocol Analyzer, 32 ch @2MBit, 100Hz-200MHz, USB Power

System Requirements

  • Microsoft Windows (2000/XP/Vista/Vista64/Win7-32/Win7-64)
  • 300 MHz CPU or faster
  • 256MB RAM or more
  • 100MB available disk space
  • 1 USB Port


Package Contents

  • LAP-C (322000) logic analyzer unit
  • All available protocol decoder plugins of your choice for free
  • USB cable
  • Pulse Width Trigger Module incl. cables
  • One 16-channel signal connectors
  • Two 8-channel signal connectors
  • One 2-channel signal connector
  • One single-channel signal connector
  • 36 test hook grips in 10 different colors
  • Software CD-ROM or USB Key
  • Printed User Manual

The included signal connector cables are 25cm in length. A 40cm cable package is available separately: Contact